Running with Dr Dave

Top 10 tips from running talk

  1. Alignment is even more crucial when stressing your body beyond what you normally do.
  2. Forward head carriage causes ribs to collapse lower oxygen levels and increasing lactic acid levels.
  3. Shoulders that roll forward causes hands/arms to cross in front of body losing power to drive forward.
  4. Lack in core stability makes climbing hills more troublesome and drains energy levels.
  5. Pelvic misalignment can cause IT (ileo-tibial) muscle/tendon on lateral thigh tightening, lateral hip weakness and knee problems.
  6. Weak gluts or butt muscles can cause low back compensations, sacro-iliac jamming and tight hamstring muscles.
  7. Tight hip flexors can be caused by weak gluts, and less power especially climbing hills.
  8. Tight muscles do not allow ideal blood to flow and lymph return (5 times more lymph than blood).
  9. We take an average of 24,000 steps per day.
  10. Chiropractic can help with all the above!