I had been experiencing back and neck pain from the age of 16. It was very painful and made me withdraw from the gym, swimming and sports. I saw Dr. David when I was 16 and he worked on my back and I felt no pain after. I came back to see him now that I’m 25 and he fixed my back again. I’m pain free, less tension on my head, neck and back and able to do the things I love. Some of the side benefits I have a received are better mood and posture. I love coming to see Dr. David, he has a lot of knowledge and very welcoming staff. -Shaheena

I had been seeing a chiropractor since 2006 from a car accident once a week and I was not getting any better. I felt terrible, like something was seriously wrong with me but was unable to express exactly what it was. I have had many chiropractic treatments with many chiropractors regularly with no lasting results. I started seeing Dr. Dave in October 2015 and generally feel much better, have more energy and less pain.  I now only come every 4-6 weeks and have had so much improvement. -Thelma

I started receiving Chiropractic care because of neck problems and headaches after I suffered a severe shoulder injury from electrocution. I had been experiencing constant pain for about six months, couldn’t sleep and painkillers weren’t working. My neck had pulled out of alignment and actually changed the shape of my skull from constant strain on my neck. I was having no success with previous treatments using traditional chiropractors. Since seeing Dr. Dave my neck is aligned and my headaches have stopped. My headaches are now manageable and quickly subside and when a headache does return all it takes is one treatment and I’m all good again. Dave is very personable and pleasant to visit. –Shon