Running with Dr Dave

Top 10 tips from running talk Alignment is even more crucial when stressing your body beyond what you normally do. Forward head carriage causes ribs to collapse lower oxygen levels…

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Concern about symptoms?

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Chiropractors are concerned. However, they realize that symptoms are not the true problem, but are simply indicators that there may be more serious underlying conditions or causes that may explain what a patient is feeling. (more…)


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Do kids need chiropractic?

Kids in sportInfants can’t tell you where they hurt, and children often find it difficult to describe their discomfort.

From the trauma of childbirth to the bumps and falls of childhood, kids need spinal checkups.

An easily correctable spinal problem early in life can develop into a serious condition in later life. (more…)


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Vitalism & Mechanism

There are two major philosophies that shape beliefs about health, Vitalism and Mechanism. Chiropractic reflects the principle of Vitalism.

The core of Vitalism is that life itself is intelligent, that the intelligence that built you from an egg cell and a sperm cell into a fully functional whole human being that can think, love, digest food, and more, is also able to heal itself. (more…)


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Protect Your Adjustment

Protecting your adjustment and understanding how to maintain it will speed your recovery, saving you time and money. Obviously how much care you receive is always up to you. Following your doctor’s recommendations, however, ensures the best results. Now that you have initiated NUCCA care, here are some helpful hints on protecting your adjustment.


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