Treatment Program


First Visit – What to expect

Our procedure begins with a two-part initial assessment.

The first appointment consists of a complete case history, neurological and chiropractic examination and postural assessment.

If it is determined that you are a candidate for our form of chiropractic care, the initial appointment will continue with specific radiographs of your head and neck region. These x-rays will be analyzed and interpreted by your doctor prior to your second visit.

Second Visit

The doctor will include a report of findings and specific upper cervical correction to reduce your misalignment. This reduction will be verified by one or two additional radiographs to ensure that your neck biomechanics responded as expected.

Third Visit

During the third visit your postural distortion will be re-evaluated. Your correction will then be monitored for three day intervals until the patient holds their correction two visits consecutively. This is typically for a period of two weeks.


At the end of this trial period of initial intensive care your spinal health will be assessed to see how your body responded to the treatment. A spinal assessment will occur at each appointment while an adjustment will only be performed when deemed necessary.

It is our goal to allow your spine to maintain its correction for the rest of your life with as few adjustments as possible.