Radiograph of spine

NUCCA is a very different chiropractic procedure. Without the use of manipulation or instruments, NUCCA doctors rebalance the head and neck. This is done through a gentle and specific contact to the top vertebrae allowing the entire spine to rebalance itself.
NUCCA stands for National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association.  It was re-named from the Grostic technique of chiropractic.
Spinal misalignments influence the brain, spinal cord and the nerves that control all of the body’s functions, affecting every movement that the body makes and every sensation that a person feels. This influence extends to the body’s ability to interact and relate with the outside world.

Initial Assessment Needs Two Appointments

Due to the specificity and precision involved in assessing a patient for the NUCCA procedure, a patient’s initial assessment is divided into two appointments. The appointments are scheduled on two consecutive days and focus primarily on your spinal assessment and treatment.
Once a patient has undergone the initial assessment, visits require much less time. A patient’s ability to hold their alignment will depend on the degree to which their spine has misaligned and the length of time that this misalignment has been present.
The goal of the NUCCA procedure is to allow your spine to maintain its correction for the rest of your life with as few adjustments as possible.